Selling banalities


Updating my blog from a café in Barcelona, hoping to exclude myself from the category of so called drink bloggers

Do you wanna know what I had for lunch today? Do you wanna see a picture of the new jumper I bought yesterday? Thought so. I’m glad you don’t care because neither do I. But why is it that the most popular blogs these days are written by young blond girls who bother us with exactly these details? And why is it that they earn a lot of money doing it?

10 years ago we still had supermodels and real movie stars. Today we have reality stars and so called pink bloggers. It is great that everybody has a chance to express themselves, and have their picture published. This was previously reserved for the rich and famous. I like the fact that everybody gets a chance. And with the technology available everybody can look like a superstar. But what does it say about our generation when the most exiting thing we read about is the new boots a girl is wearing or the fresh juice some blond girl is drinking at this instant?! It seriously scares me. What happened to reflecting about important things? What does this say about our society?

I am not sure what the answer is. It is obvious that eye candy sells. Everybody likes to look at something pretty. Are these blogs popular because the girls look pretty(at least in some people’s opinion)? Or is it really because we are a brain dead generation who don’t care anymore? I care. I hope you do too.

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