10 tips on how to combine your adventure life with parenthood


Surfing in Maui while this kids are having fun in the swimming pool

Are you a very active person with a passion for adventure? Some people think that this changes when you become a parent. But most likely it won’t. If you have a need for adventure, this doesn’t just go away. Is it possible to feed this craving and still be a good parent?  Of course it is! Follow my advice and you will be several steps closer to your dream life.

  1. Make sure your partner is also your partner in crime, or at least very understandable of your needs.
  2. Invest in your health. Taking care of kids requires a lot of energy. Make sure you sleep, eat and exercise well so that you have that surplus energy.
  3. Get some help in the house. Without it you will spend all your time doing housework and there will be little room for fun.
  4. Make sure that your friends- who are into the same things as you- have kids at the same time. This makes it easier to go away on trips. You can take turns watching the kids and doing the fun stuff, and both parents and kids get to socialize.
  5. Get a flexible job so you can squeeze in som travle days, or work from home/when travelling.
  6. Always make sure you have all the gear you need, and organise it well in a storage room. You won’t use it often, but it is important to be 100% ready for action when you get the chance. The less preparation time needed before doing something fun, the greater the chance that you will actually do it.
  7. Stop thinking about quantity. Start focusing on quality. If not you will only get frustrated
  8. Learn to plan. You are not flexible anymore, and you can’t freestyle trips. You need to work on the calendar a long time ahead to complete the puzzle and find spare time, babysitters, play mates and  cheap air tickets.
  9. Learn to accept. Maybe the slopes are icy the day you finally have a baby sitter, and you get the perfect powder conditions when your skiing on the children’s slopes. But beggars can’t be choosers. Be happy.
  10. When you were younger, having time at your hands was the ticket to adventure. When you have a family you time is normally sparse, so you need to be creative, and good at managing your economy in order to put away some fun funds is important.

A lot to think about you say? Well, practice makes master. If you want to keep on doing fun things and at the same time have time and energy to be with your kids, you need to adapt to your circumstances. But, luckily, if you look aside from the ten points above, and just remember that if you really want something, you’ll make it happen, you should have a happy parenthood. Learn to be creative, and never give up. And remember, the positive aspect of not being able to go out so often anymore is that no matter how bad the conditions are when your doing your activity- you will still be stoked.  Because you never get spoiled.

Anniken Binz, wind tunnel, indoor skydiving

Indoor skydiving is very time efficient and the kids enjoy watching from the outside


Out snowboarding with a good friend while the kids are hanging out at the cabin with more friends. 4 mummies with kids is a perfect number and ensures everybody is having fun all the time!


The summit of Mt. Elbrus- ready to snowboard down




2 responses to “10 tips on how to combine your adventure life with parenthood

  1. Great tips!

    Then I’ll just

    1) Get a new partner
    4) Rewind time and force my friends to have kids when I got kids. Or maybe forget my old friends, and find new ones with kids the same age?
    5) Get a new job
    10) Ask my employer to raise my salary say, 50%

    I would add one more: “11) Be me”

    • Yes, your A plan would be to get a new partner, new friends and new job;-) Ha ha:-) But for sure, to “be you” will take you a long way towards the happy life:-)

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