Thank you for making my day!

explorers festival, Anniken Binz, base jump

Presenting at the Explorers festival

How often do you get a chance to inspire someone to go and make that change in their life? I wish it was every day. The feeling of having reached out, and helped someone, is bigger than any ego trip.

Below is a message I got after my last presentation at the Explorers festival in Poland.

Hi Anniken, I just want to tell you that you had an amazing presentation during the Explorers Festival in Lodz on Friday (20th November). I’m afraid of that kind of hight, but after your story I decided that I’ll try to make a parachute jump one day  Finally, thanks for your sentence about fulfilling our dreams. Now I know that only the sky’s the limit and that everything is inside my head. Yesterday I started fighting with my fears and blockages and while doing the thing that scares me, I was picturing you and me standing on the edge of the rock and I trying to jump (making a free-fall).  And you know what? It helped me! After few minutes I ventured to take one step more than until now. And it was amazing! I promise to try doing it every day and in every activity I’ll decide to have. Cause thanks to you I know that nothing is impossible. Thank you, Anniken! 🙂


This is what I like to hear, and this is what I want everybody to feel; Nothing is impossible!




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