Growing into Balance

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The shifting water and sand seeping away under my feet make it hard to maintain the balance – just the way it is in life.

A life that is not in balance is tiring to live. It might sound like a cliché. The golden middle way and all that b*** shit. But balance is important, veeeery important.

Growing into balance.

I wasn’t very good at it at a younger age, I would go from one extreme to the other. If I did something, be it studying, modeling, traveling or partying, I did it 100%. But I did it for a limited time. I always grew tired, and moved on to new adventures, new things to try out. Almost changing personality, and moving from one side to the other, all the time. That’s probably part of growing up and finding out who you are. Through my yoga practice I slowly found a calm, happy balanced place to be in life. I didn’t need to go to the extremes anymore. I learned that if I am a little bit of all the persons I am, then I become a full person.

Parental balance?

And then I had my first child, and my second, and my balance was totally put off again. I understand now that it was for a limited time, but right there and then it felt like my life was over. Taking care of a baby is a full time job, and there is little room for balancing anything else than jars of babyfood, and bags of diapers. It was overwhelming at first. I felt like I lost myself. I had no space to put in all the parts of me that made me the full person I am. Again, yoga became my rescue. Through my yoga practice I found peace and acceptance, and I found room for myself. It gave me the balance I needed in order to meet my daily life. This experience, is one of the reasons why I started to teach yoga to both pregnant women and mothers with babies. What better job ( can I have than one that everyday reminds me of how important a balanced life is? I love my job and I love my life.

pregnancy, prenatal yoga, bellyandbaby_no, dog, postnatal yoga

My dog loved yoga too!

A good balance between everything, will make life complete. I am not happy if I only do one thing. That feels like a too narrow way to live.

4 responses to “Growing into Balance

  1. Elsker å lese bloggen din, Anniken – alltid gullkorn man kan ta med seg videre og blir veldig inspirert av Yoga livsstilen din…du ser fantastisk ut!! Så koselig at du kom innom idag og gleder meg til å henge med deg når kommer tilbake hit igjen om noen uker. Much love xxx Perny

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