Base jumping on Baffin Island – one of my dreams that came true

Some people think I’m crazy. I never get enough. There are so many things I want to do! For 2014 there are a few things on my list. I want to fly more wind tunnel. I want to skydive more. I want to ice climb, rock climb and climb a high mountain. I am planning to go skiing over a mountain plateau in Norway, and I am for sure going snowboarding with my family every weekend this winter. I want to get in better shape. Practice more yoga and go to more Cross Fit classes. I want to do a photography course. And I am going to learn to surf properly. For sure. Next summer I am also going on a canoe trip with a friend and the kids. And hopefully taking the kids hiking and camping in the mountains too.
I think I benefit from being naive and optimistic. In my head I believe that I can do it all. In the car yesterday, heading to the weekly swimming classes with the kids I presented my 2014 plan for my husband. He reminded me that I have a job and a family. It wasn’t until this moment that it dawned on me that I might not find enough time this year to do it all. I am in no way deleting any thing from my list. But I am trying to be realistic enough, and not feel like I am letting myself down if I don’t manage it all this year. The mountains are there tomorrow. And my initiative too I hope.

When I stop being inspired, and stop having dreams, I also stop living. It is engrained in us humans to move forward. To advance. To be curious. My drive to fulfill all my dreams gives me spirit. It is irrelevant if I make it all come true today, the trip that takes me there is just as important. And I know that if you really work hard and believe in yourself you can make it all happen.I have done so all my life.


Midnight sun on Baffin Island – living my dream

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