The key to happiness – or at least one of them…

The key to happiness - or at least one of them...

I struggled so hard to be happy after I had my first child. The contrast of a super active lifestyle to breast feeding and changing diapers 24/7 was bigger than I had expected. My life had taken a 180 degree turn, and it didn’t look like there were any more bends down the road. Just that long dark tunnel. In retrospect I see that this was a limited time period, and I am even starting to forget what it felt like.
When I got pregnant with number two a year later, I realized something. I had forgotten yoga in my life. I don’t mean the physical practice of postures, but the acceptance of what is. To honor today. Because we cannot compare ourselves to where we were yesterday. And we cannot live for who we are going to be tomorrow. Everything changes from day to day. We need to surrender to what we are, and what we have here and now. When I managed to apply this practice to my everyday life, I finally started to live again. It is tiring to fight constantly. Happiness came to me with surrender.

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