To not surf, or to surf?

To not surf, or to surf?

I have nightmares about being under water. The movie ‘The Big Blue’ lies on top of my scary movie list. I had been in Playa Guiones, Costa Rica, for two weeks. Just sitting on the beach and playing with the kids. Watching the waves, and all the surfers heading up and down the beach with their boards under their arm. I had no desire what so ever to be part of it. Not even remotely. Firstly because I don’t like being under water. I can even panic in a small shallow swimming pool. Secondly because they say it is difficult to learn. It requires a lot of time. I don’t live close to the surf. So why make life harder for myself? I am into way to many things already. And I have kids. That limit’s my time. Conclusion? Don’t even think about surfing.

But Miss Water Phobia gets curious after a while. Even small kids and old grandmas get up on their board. It can’t be too hard.She tried it. And got hooked.

The last week of the holiday I spent more time in the water than I had my entire life. I practiced and practiced. And it payed off. The day before we had to pack our bags I was ready to go to the outside. I cought my first couple of real big waves. And got washed by a few too, without panicking. I have a feeling the next family holiday will be to a surf spot as well:-)


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