Christmas Enhanced

Enhancing Christmas

This is how we are celebrating Christmas this year:-)

What is Christmas really about? What is the true Christmas Spirit? The meaning of Christmas has changed trough time. The Vikings celebrated Juleblot, a big feast that marked the middle of winter. Later this celebration was merged with Christianity’s celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. But Christmas has evolved away from this. Commercial interests have shaped Christmas as we know it. I am sure you all have special things that put you in Christmas mode, like the smell of your mothers Christmas cookies, Christmas carols on the radio and the Christmas decoration you’ve had since your childhood. But ultimately, in our western society we have developed Christmas around the giving and receiving of gifts. Giving each other gifts is a beautiful thing, but in moderation. As a lot of people experience, the gift thing is turning in to a stressful “must do” overshadowing the true Christmas spirit. The time before Christmas is spent shopping like crazy, and the unwrapping of gifts easily stands out as the highlight of christmas.

Christmas will obviously have as many different meanings to people as there are human beings on this planet. We all put something different in to it. But to many people though it is about being together. Christmas is often a difficult time for lonely people without a family. But also for those who have a family, the being together can be drowned in all the “must do’s” and the gifts. In my little family we decided on skipping all the gifts, and instead invest in a trip to Costa Rica for Christmas.In that sense we are enhancing our Christmas. Here we are removed from all the pre Christmas stress, with time to be together. The days are spent building sand castles, playing in the waves, surfing, practicing yoga, and drinking fresh juices and smoothies. No Christmas trees, no Christmas gifts and no snow. Just pure joy and togetherness:-)

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, hope you enjoy it as much as we do:-)


The kids having fun with Jessie, a friend of the family who came to be together with us:-)




Elise shows of her downward dog



The kids by the pool


Daddy is going surfing


Cooling off while waiting for lunch


I wanna surf like dad when I get older!



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