The perfect me- the perfect you


Fellow base jumpers Amanda, Ana, Livia and me in Benidorm getting ready for a bikini jump at the Hotel Bali. A picture from when I was doing a lot of fun stuff:-)

There was a time when I could log onto Facebook and get depressed. Everybody seemed to be doing so much cool stuff, and I was just the sleep deprived milk machine who was stuck at home. I probably shouldn’t complain because my life has been filled to the top with fun adventures. And maybe I even made others feel like their lives were boring too. I do apologize. But most of my adventures happened in a world where social media didn’t exist. They were just between my friends and me. (Yeah that makes me feel kind of old school…ha ha). I guess that in the end it was a good experience for me to be the one who was stuck at home with a boring life.

The scary thing about social media is that people chose what they put out there, and they mostly put the fun stuff. The happy moments. The eye candy. We end up with this glossy ideal world we just can’t live up to. Yeah, you can reason with yourself and say that other people have bad hair days too. But it sure does feel like everybody else’s lives are a blast each time you log on somewhere. If you’re already a bit down it does not help to compare yourself to your friends who are here and there and everywhere. Because that’s ultimately what happens.

But please, don’t stop putting the fun stuff out there! Just remember that if you have a bad day, there will be others who are going through equally bad times, they are just not visible. 

8 responses to “The perfect me- the perfect you

  1. When I’m down, I love to see my friends do cool and fun stuff. It, not only doesn’t make me feel any worst, it gives me a few minutes of fun while watching. And if it does make me envious. (it usually does, a lot) it serves me as motivation to move my butt and plan the next fun, cool thing to do. So when I post something of that, is with this in mind.
    And yes, I love to make people (well, just friends) envious. But the thing is, I also love it when they make me envious.
    Just a point of view..

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