Peace of mind


There is one key word that describes the Bhutan I have gotten to know by now; peaceful. A short plane ride from the polluted and bustling streets of Kathmandu lies Paro. The only town which has enough flat surface to host an international airport in Bhutan. It is green, it is fresh, and it is peaceful. There is a calm and friendly energy here that encompasses everything. It goes hand in hand with me coming to terms with the fact that my children are at home while I am here. They miss me, and I miss them(and my husband of course). Anything else would’ve been strange. But I know that they live happy and safe lives with a loving and caring family, and I am positive that my trip wont change this.

Today my friend Ingvill and I went on a small acclimatization hike to the Taktsang monastery (or Tiger’s Nest) built in the middle of a sheer wall. It was an unbelieavable sight! What better place could you find to meditate? Well, unless you’re scared of heights or have a tendency to base jump I guess. Tomorrow we face a seven hour drive to Gasa where our trek starts. No more showers, no more wifi, no more beds. Only the mountains and us. Peace.


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