So is it worth it?


Down jacket, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, extra mountainboots, first aid kit, sunscreen, camera etc. The list is long. I am in Katmandu, preparing my bag for a three week trek in Bhutan. I feel the exitement and joy of finally going back to the Himalayas. I have longed for it for a while now. It’s just my friend, me and the mountains. Heaven:-)
Back at home my youngest daughter-soon two years- is not happy at all. She misses mommy. After a conversation on Skype yesterday she started crying and didn’t sleep until 1 am in the morning. I have heard that it is not really until kids turn three years that they are able to understand that mommy still loves them even though she is not there. I don’t want my little girl to be sad. But I don’t want myself to be sad or feel guilty either. I have made a choice, and I will make the best of it. So is it worth it? That’s a good question, and the answer is; I don’t know. I probably never will either.

2 responses to “So is it worth it?

    • Yes it was:-) And especially because my kids came out less dependent on their mother, and more oriented towards their father. There is more of a balance at home now. And even though they were asking a lot about me when I was gone, when they first saw me it was just completely natural for them that I was there. They were happy all along. They do have a great father though:-)

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