Love in the time of diapers


It is easy to lose yourself and your partner during the first years of having children. I’ve heard that the divorce rate peaks at the time when children are around two, and I am starting to understand why.

Sleepless nights, long days at work, constantly on duty to satisfy the needs of your kids is not really the best recipy for love. Rather the opposite. It often brings out the worst in people. And after years of changing diapers you suddenly look up from the changing table and wonder who your partner is and what made you fall on love with each other in the first place. It certainly was not comments like “those dishes belong in the dishwasher!” or “you have slept one hour more than me so now it is your turn to get up with the kids”! Love needs nurturing, and even more so in critical times like this. My husband and I love traveling, and luckily enough my parents love taking care of the kids, who in return love to be with their grandparents. Our recipy is to go away for some days and only focus on us. The destination is not really the goal here, but it is the chance to have some stress free time together. These last days my husband and I wandered the streets and beaches of Barcelona. Shopping, dining, wining, and improvising as we went, and not a single museum. Just perfect. I do recommend all parents to take time off to be with each other, be it for an hour a week or for an oval weekend like we did. The love for your kids will always be there, but there is no guarantee for the love between partners. Take care of each other while you can:-)





8 responses to “Love in the time of diapers

  1. So true Anniken. I think the most important is to try to get one night ‘off ‘ during the weekend as often as possible, and especially when you don’t have any plans…. Then you can go out for a beer, sit in the park and just be spontaneous. And of course have a quuuiet morning(without being exhausted from a party). And try to take a yearly trip if possible, to Barcelona or Roskilde festival or similar (we call it our yearly wedding trip..) Hugs from Costa Rica! 😀

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