Who do you think you are?

20130926-110835.jpgYou should not believe that you are somebody says the ‘Law of Jante’.
Off course not. Why should we be proud of who we are and what we accomplish? It is better to keep a low profile in order to avoid peoples razor sharp criticism. Or at least this is how we do it in Norway.
Danish author Aksel Sandemose defined the ‘Law of Jante’ in his book from 1933. But he was describing an already an existing Scandinavian phenomenon. Individual success and achievement gets portrayed as unworthy and inappropriate.
I remember being a teenager who didn’t even dare to wear make up to school in fear of reactions. I already had my head under the knife due to my career as a model. And although I am grown up and try not to care anymore, I still have it ingrained in me. Better underdress and underachieve in order to be accepted.
I believe it has become easier to be yourself nowadays, but there is still the tendency to look down on people who stick their face out to much. We do not like to admit it but we still live under the influence of Jante’s law. Maybe it is just in our human nature to be jealous of other people’s achievements? Possibly, but we should still pull ourselves together and get better at applauding our fellow earthlings.

3 responses to “Who do you think you are?

  1. Oh! How timely once again Anniken! I got critiziced just yesterday by a former colleague just because I say that if you believe in yourself and work your ass off with passion and discipline, you can achieve anything in life. He said that I am really arrogant and that my comments are insulting.
    But the fact is that I am walking my talk everyday and the more I do it the more people around me feel somehow threatened and need to critizice me…sometimes very rudely.
    Thank you for this post 🙂 it’s like fresh air!!

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