5 ways to maintain a social life as a newbie mum!

5 ways to maintain a social life as a newbie mum!

1. Make a dinner club with your girlfriends, and take turns having dinner together at each others house. Preplanned activities are easier to fit into the schedule. But be careful of overloading your no-kids-friends with baby stories, this could scare them away on a temporary if not permanent basis.

2. Plan your family vacation together with other friends who have kids. This is a win win situation. The kids get to play with other kids, and you and your partner get to socialize with other grown ups.

3. Stay in the loop by checking into Facebook and other social media regularly, but don’t fall for the temptation of posting pictures and updates of your children all the time.

4. Have play dates or sleepovers with your girlfriends and their kids. If you need a baby sitter(volunteering partner) each time you want to see your friends obviously there will be a limit to your socializing. So bringing you kids along means they get to play and you at least get to see your friends.

5. Be patient. It might seem as if you will never be able to resign from your position as a 24/7 service employee, but the sleepless nights will be over before you know it. And as the kids grow more independent, doing stuff for yourself will become easier and easier

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