A Yogi Crossing over


Practicing technique

In a month I am heading to Bhutan to do a really demanding trek, the so called Snow man trek. 19 long days of hiking in high altitude. Originally this is a 24 day trek, but we have made each daily leg longer in order to shorten the total time. Meaning I need to be in a pretty good shape.  I have been running and hiking a lot in addition to my yoga practice to get in shape, but I felt like I needed some more. So what better than Cross Fit training?
I signed up for a 14 hour of Cross Fit technique course this weekend, and now I can hardly walk. Theoretically I am ready to join the classes at the gym now. But I can still not get my head around all the new terms; push jerk, clean press, dead lift, air squat, sumo whatever lift with press and jerk and who knows what. The good thing though is that I do feel like I can take care of myself during the work out. And I ow my thanks to yoga. Balance, breath, body awareness and mobility. These are key to performing well in Cross Fit and at least I have this dialed in:-) I am sure I would’ve struggled a lot more if it wasn’t for this. I am curious to see what benefits Cross Fit will have to my yoga practice though. It is scary to start a new kind of training for a yogi. We get very attached to our practices. But I was having a lot of fun at the gym today so it wont be long until I am back in a squat.



Knees back!


hmm, not sure I want to know what these are for….


A work out class focusing on head stands. FUN!

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