Flowing with it

Flowing with it

About time to stop the flow and cut the grass instead? – playing with my daughter in the garden.

I like to flow. Just going with it and letting it happen. Even though I do plan my life and make sure I get where I want to be, I still think that some things are meant to happen. So I always keep the doors open to allow for things to flow it’s natural way. This last month has been a bit like that. Flowing. Not stressing. Enjoying the nice August weather. Hanging out at the beach with the kids, in stead of getting work done. I’ve had many ideas of what to write about, but have chosen to enjoy life instead of sitting in front of the computer all day. I believe writing should be enjoyable and not forced. So today is the first day of rain for almost a month. And it feels really nice to sit inside with a cup of coffee and write about life instead of being out there living it:-)

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