Did I miss something?

P1020253Ok, maybe I should’ve tried more than two times, but honestly, what is the big fuss about SUP? My husband borrowed a SUP (Stand Up Paddle) board last weekend and we all had a go at our local beach in Oslo, Norway. He is a surfer, and obviously has a love for this, but all I can say about it is that it is nice. It is nice to stand over the water and cruise along, but it didn’t really give me more. Ok, the first day I knew nothing about technique, and was posing on the board like a stupid tourist. Second day however was a bit more fun as I was trying out paddle techniques: In addition there was some wind, waves, and current making it more interesting. Yes you do exercise a bit, but I can think of 100 other ways of exercising more efficiently. Maybe if I tried some yoga poses on the board (SUP yoga) it would be more interesting, but then again I would probably fall off a couple of times and the cold water in the Oslo fjord is not really tempting. And I do have a water phobia. I actually have nightmares about being in the water. Close to our house is a 11 meter high cliff over the water. I have jumped there several times, but just thinking of sinking down under water, watching the bubbles and streams of light from the surface makes me horrified. I am not sure I want to jump there again. Maybe I am getting old, or maybe it is because my element is the air. I have tried scuba diving! And was scared all the way off course. I am in awe of beautiful fellow skydiver, base jumper and scuba + free-diver Roberta Mancini, check out her awesomeness here! I think I might just have to stick to skydiving. Skydiving is definitely more than nice.

P1020251P1020257 P1020283 P1020286

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