A little dream come true


A little boy who does not want to sleep

No, it is not his first time camping, but it is his first conscious camping trip. Finally, three years old, and excited about sleeping in a tent with mom. Ever since he got the new sleeping bag he has spoken about it. But the dream coming true wasn’t only his, for me it was a big moment too.
I spent the last 5 days days in the mountains at my parents cabin, and on the second day I headed out after dinner with my eldest son. We didn’t go far, we drove for ten minutes, and hiked for less and found a sweet spot between two lakes just below the tree limit (1100meters). In his eyes we were far away, and he was already tired after a long day. After pithing the tent he jumped inside and was all excited, pulling out his mattress and sleeping bag. He loved being there! A quick bite of something to eat, brushing teeth, and then he said he was ready to sleep. Great I thought, because I had brought my new book and the sun was still warm, so I pictured some quality time watching the snowcapped mountains on the horizon. Well, there is one downside to summer camping in Norway; it doesn’t get dark at night. And the sun didn’t drop behind the mountains until 10.30 pm which was when he finally fell asleep, and so did I. It gets quite warm in the morning when the sun hits the tent too, but we managed to sleep until 7 am, when it was time to crawl out, and prepare breakfast. My son jumped up and down and said look! There is snow on the mountains! I wanna go there! When you get older I promised, and looked toward Jotunheimen, one of Norway’s most beautiful mountain areas, and wondering if he will inherit my  longing towards those peaks.

The trip ended with packing up the tent and bathing in the lake, before we headed back to the cabin. A perfect trip. The rest of the week I had the chance to go hiking through forest and mountains while my parents watched the kids. I felt so privileged. It did so well to be out there with the dog and nobody else( apart from some Elk we met and a lot of big birds the dog enjoyed running after). And returning beack to the cabin I had all the time in the world to be there for my kids. Quality:-)


Some food before getting into the sleeping bag. Already an hour after normal bed time it doesn’t feel like it with the sun still up.


Brushing teeth is more fun outdoors!


The dog is waiting patiently


Evening view


Morning view of Jotunheimen


Boiling water for coffee and oat meal


Just another day in the mountains


Lunch break on one of my longer day hikes


We’re not totally alone


In paradise

5 responses to “A little dream come true

  1. Gorgeous scenery and great photo shots. Camping and roughing it in Norway seems so ideal. I took my son to a campground in Cape Cod, Ma. when he was just three also. He loved it……glad your little one loved it too!!

    • Yes it is very accessible here in Norway:-) How old is your son now? Kids love being outdoors, it is so great to see:-)

      • It is great to see, though he is ten now, but, for the first time in his little life, camping brought his little arms around his mommy, (me), under the atmosphere of the tent itself. But, I kept my son out doors alot anyway…just wait until they start playing video games in the next five years….ha ha… they might nvr want to go outside !! Sad but true. In light of that, you have a wonderful experience for cherished memories…(outdoors) ha ha…. ~ Ellie. 🙂

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