A friend in my pocket

There is one thing in my life that I really apreciate, and that is the vast network of friends I have all over the world. After years of traveling, I find that wherever I go I have a friend or at least a friend of a friend. That means there is always a couch to sleep on, or somebody to take you sightseeing/give you advice on where to go. I love inviting friends to Norway too, and I have already had a few staying at my place this summer.

Here in Portugal it was Line, my old friend from school who played the role of the local connection. We have a weird tendency to hook up in strange countries or on trans atlantic flights. Living in Lisbon with her Portugees husband she knows places I as a tourist would never have found, and she took a day off to show my friend Charlotte and me around. A little time off from being a mom and hanging out with the girls was good for us all:-)


Charlotte and me with the typical Lisbon tram in the back ground


Line and me in the narrow streets of Barrio Alto


Line and me heading to the restaurant Lost’n


Line and Charlotte with her baby girl Vilje at Lost’n


Line and me ready to dig into a delicious lunch


Cruisin the streets of Lisbon in the sun


The classic Lisbon tourist pic

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