10 great reasons to bring your kids to Ericeira, Portugal for your next vacation

1. It is fairly easy to travel to Lisbon from anywhere in Europe, and Ericeira is only a 40 min drive from there. Lisbon provides good sightseeing, shopping and dining if beach life gets boring, or the weather bad. There are also other places worth a visit in the vicinity, like Sintra with it’s beautiful castle.

2. In general the weather is sunny and nice, but due to a fresh breeze from the ocean you can avoid the killing heat that makes travelling with children an enduring task.

3. It is clean and safe. Most people speak some English, and the menus at the restaurants are translated.

4. The portugeese love children! They stop and talk to them, and no one minds if they run around like crazy in the restaurants.

5. There is something to play with almost everywhere. Even the stores have fun rides in front of them, and there are playgounds all around.

6. The beaches are beautiful, and you can chose anything from beaches with waves to more protected beaches where there is hardly any wind nor waves. Some are more family oriented than others, but they are all great for kids.

7. And yes, speaking about waves; there is great surfing all along the coast and plenty of surf schools providing lessons for both grown ups and children.

8. You can rent a nice house with private pool. Click here to check out ours! It even had a play room for the children:-)

9. There is good ice cream on almost every corner!

10. The small town of Ericeira is a cute little fishing town with white houses and cobbled streets nestled on top of the cliffs overlooking the ocean. It has a nice central plaza and pedestrian zone, and in general covers the culinary and shopping needs for both young and old(er).


A boat for the kids outside the sea food restaurant Furnas, Ericeira


Who likes ice cream??


I like ice cream!


Playing with the waves on a windy day


One of several fun rides for the kids, downtown Ericeira


Another fun ride!


I wanna surf like daddy!


Practice makes master


Fun on the beach


Playing with water in downtown Ericeira


The narrow cobbled streets of Ericeira


Dinner by the pool


Charlotte with her baby Vilje in Sintra


Sintra castle


Ice cream by the pool

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