Getting there takes a while


Getting there definitly takes a while. For some it is even a true struggle. I am talking about vacation mode. Letting down your shoulders, saying good bye to stress, and doing nothing. It can be confusing at first to let go of all the do’s and don’ts of our daily life, and slide into that blurry existence were time and date’s mix, and all the bills from from last week that did not get paid, continue being unpaid. But it is a blissfull state of being.
I am a week into my family holiday (with my best friend and her family) in Portugal and enjoying every bit of it:-) It isn’t really until now that I see that everybody has acclimatized. Thank God we have another week to go!

Before leaving on vacation I had two nominations for different awards here on WordPress, and I feel so privileged and thankful:-) But am I gonna spend my vacation followong it up? No, I am gonna do as little as possible (if that is even possible when travelling with 5 kids), and continue staying in my blissfull vacation mode.


Happy camper in downtown Ericeira


Checking out the waves in downtown Ericeira

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