The motherhood dilemma

The motherhood dilemma

Every day I work towards balance. I believe balance is ultimately what makes me happy. Work and play. Play and work. In perfect harmony. We are all different, and we all define work and play in our own way. In my “play” I like adventure, challenge, exercise, being outdoors and socializing (not listed in a prioritized manner).
Being a Mom I believe it is more important than ever to make room for my “play”. The dilemma now is that as much as I long to get out and do something fun, I always end up longing for my kids as soon as I go out and do it!
The other day I packed my backpack with everything I needed for a overnight hike in the forest, planned a nice route and headed out on my own. I could tick off all the points on my play list except socializing. And what happened? Well, I found myself more or less running along in order to get back home sooner. This is not the first time I rush home so I can get some more time with them. And then I sit at home and dream about a new adventure again:-) Ha ha, the dilemma of being a Mom:-)

5 responses to “The motherhood dilemma

  1. Wow! I love the timing of this post! How I hear ya!!
    Next Friday, I am leaving my daughter and Antulio home and I am heading to a house in the mountains where I will spend the weekend fasting, doing yoga, meditating…
    This will be a much needed retreat as I have been literally slammed by work for the last 6 months, and I have neglected some very important areas of my life…all related to me 🙂 Food, exercise, rest…
    In a way, I know that this retreat will benefit the whole family as it will increase my own wellbeing BUT I also KNOW that I will have a hard time being apart from my daughter for 48 hours!!!
    Thanks again Anniken!

  2. Oh Hana, you are so right, this little retreat will be good for the whole family although it will be hard:-) A mother needs to take care of herself in order to take care of her family:-) And I am sure that Antulio will enjoy being a solo dad for a weekend:-)

  3. Thanks for the post, Anniken. I remember describing a similar conflict in my own life to a colleague a few years ago. I was bemoaning the feeling of guilt for not focusing enough on my work when I was taking time away to be with my wife and kids and an even greater feeling of guilt when I was devoting too much of my time to my high-pressure career. I was wise response I got was that the constant feeling of not doing enough probably meant that I had the proportions about right… and that the feeling doesn’t go away.

    They were right. I’ve changed careers and my kids are five years older. Still feels pretty much the same!

    • HI, that is an interesting thought and I think you are right about it:-) I guess I should be satisfied with that unsettling feeling then:-)

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