Falling Angels

My dream for many years was to base jump of Angel Falls. On my third visit to Venezuela I finally got to jump it. Here is a trailer from the video that my friend Ana Isabel Dao made from the trip, and the full version can be found on http://vimeo.com/39328553

IMG_0168 IMG_0186 IMG_1627 IMG_1630 IMG_9006 IMG_9181 IMG_9346 IMG_9387

11 responses to “Falling Angels

  1. Oh MY God!! I had so many things to do this morning and I got glued to the screen watching the full version in VIMEO…I enjoyed it so much, what an incredible jump!! You must have felt so privileged!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Oh my goodness gracious. I commend you for your bravery, because that is something that I would absolutely not want to do. It’s SO high up! I’m sure it was completely exhilarating.

    • 🙂 thank you, but I do not feel brave, just stupid enough to take the risk, and strong enough to control my fear:-)

  3. Seems that we had kind of the same dream, Anniken. When I saw Tom Sander´s video “Over the Edge” in a bar at the Christmas Boogie 1996 in Empuriabrava I was hooked. This magic place called Angel Falls looked so attractive to me that I decide to start BASE-Jumping and planned to go straight to this place once I am bale to jump. It was in July 1997 when I booked myself on a first jump course for BASE in Lysebotn with Basic Research. Ann and Todd taught our little team – which also had Roland “Slim” Simpson (R.I.P.) on board – how to BASE-Jump in a proper and safe way and we all did our first jump off exit 7. It was a blast. After that week I had in total 5 jumps off exit 7 and 6 and went back home always focussing on my dream. Another seven months later – on February 24th (one day after my 42nd birthday) I were standing right at the edge of Angel Falls. Running out with my first gainer and a headtop videocam – first video jump – the dream came true. Landing right on the spot in the jungle below ended the little adventure and we spent another beautiful night in the jungle before we took a helicopter back to Jungle Rudy´s lodge at Ucaima. Looking back to this adventure where we took the easy way with an MI-8 helicopter to the top and a fully organized trip by Tom Sanders and his former wife Jan Davis (R.I.P.) it is unbelievable that you and your team hiked all the way up for days and then jumped Angel Falls. Chapeau! Dream on…and fulfill some of your new dreams 🙂 Yours Bernhard

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