Time to live your life

Time to live your life

The last years of my life have been hectic. Having two kids under the age of three, moving and remodeling our home twice, and starting new work projects have had an impact on my spare time. I realized at one point this winter that I never sat down and relaxed, I was always doing something. Even during meals I would multitask and try to finish of something i though was really important. I decided this carousel had to stop. If you’re constantly busy accomplishing something or going somewhere what good does your nice house or fancy car do you?? (ok my car isn’t that fancy, it’s a Volvo V70- very family oriented). What good does it do to work your ass off to earn more money so you can go out and by more things?? The more things I have, the more time I need in order to tidy the house. The more clothes I have the more there is to wash, fold and put away. I do not want things to own me. I want to own my own life. And I want time to live it.
People always say that there is not enough time. I think it is a matter of being realistic. The more you try to fill your life with, the less time you will have. It is a simple as that. I want to fill my life with time to enjoy it, and I’m going to make sure it is on the top of my list:-)

8 responses to “Time to live your life

  1. …having time is a matter of setting (the right) priorities…sometimes most important to say “no” in case someone wants you to do things which you don´t want…I might seem to be unpolite…however, it is your life and your priorities…and I am sure that you handle all of this pretty well! Take care, Bernhard

    • Hi Bernhard:-) Yes, learing to say “no” is important! I need more practice doing this:-) We are the ones who set the priorities in our own life, it is all up to us to make it right for ourselves:-)

  2. My greatest value in life is freedom and I define it by amount of time and spare money that I can use to my liking. Good luck with exploring new, free dimension of your life 🙂

    p.s. Thanks for liking my article at dimensions-blog.com, I appreciate it!

    • hi, I totally agree with you:-) I value freedom a lot. I guess that is why it was so hard to adapt to a life with small kids who were depending on me 24/7. But things are better now, and I am finding my ways to taste that freedom:-)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. I feel the same way as you do about all the possessions — the more you have, the more there is to worry about. As for time, you have as much as you need as long as you choose to do what you love and live by what you value.

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