The vacation dilemma again

The vacation dilemma again

My husband and I have spent several months already discussing what we should do this summer. Yes I know this is a luxury problem, but we have two kids with a long summer holiday, and we are two grown ups who would get way to restless if we just stayed at home all summer. (Although the kids would probably be happy to do so). I have always spent my summers either backpacking through exotic countries or trowing myself out of airplanes and cliffs. My husband has always done stuff like snowboarding (summer ski centre), skateboarding and golf. So what do you do when you have kids? The traditional beach (or swimming pool) vacation?!? We tried this last year, and it was nice, but after a lot of discussions we both agreed that it isn’t really our cup of tea. We like activities! But we cannot do activities like we did before, so what do we do now??? Thank God there are other people in the same situation, my friend Charlotte and her boyfriend(they have three kids!). So we agreed upon two weeks in Ericeira, Portugal together. A surf spot which will satisfy the grown ups need for activities. We are renting a house with a play room and a heated pool which will keep the kids busy. And traveling with friends means it will be social and a lot of fun!
I have only been to Portugal a few times before and am really looking forward to get to know the country better. And a little girls trip to beautiful Lisbon to visit a friend of mine is also on the list. So yes, I am exited about going on summer vacation and it feels good the be exited about it:-)

4 responses to “The vacation dilemma again

  1. It sounds strange, but this really is a dilema. Both my sisters love climbing and snowboarding but after kids, these activities became rather difficult. It’s good to see you’re not giving up on the things you enjoy even with the added difficulty of taking the kids along=)

    • Thanks:-) Yes it is a strange dilemma:-) But I think it is important that the parents do something for themselves as well. At least I become a happier person (and a Mom) when I do:-) So it is just about being smart and finding a solution:-)

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