Are you a pilot or a passenger?


Skjermbilde 2013-03-05 kl. 20.18.51

I do have the best husband in the world! He knows me so well. Guess what? He got me a ride in a fighter jet for my birthday. What a lucky girl:-) I actually cried when I got the present. You know, the flight was cool (although I got a bit sick), and I would do it again. But it made me think about one thing; I like being the pilot and not the passenger. I am not saying that I know how to fly an airplane, but that I am used to being in charge whenever I do an activity, and in my life in general. I am used to leaping off cliffs, flying my wing suit, opening my parachute, and landing safely. I set goals, I make things happen in my life. I do not wish, wait or hope. I make sure I get there.

So maybe next time I fly a fighter jet I want to be the pilot instead….who knows;-)

I will upload a little video from the flight as soon as I get around to editing it:-)


Skjermbilde 2013-03-05 kl. 20.16.01

IMG_6766 IMG_6753 Skjermbilde 2013-03-05 kl. 20.15.50IMG_6772 IMG_6789 IMG_6803 IMG_6837 IMG_6870 IMG_6916

9 responses to “Are you a pilot or a passenger?

  1. What an awesome present, sounds like you got yourself a keeper for a hubby. My one regret in life has to do with flying. I have always wanted to get my pilots license and fly in on the weekends to various places just for lunch. Hey a guy has to dream 🙂

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  3. I know right now in my life — personally and professionally (but, truthfully, more professionally) — I’m a passenger and it’s not a good feeling. Efforts to change things have been slow, but I have to keep believing and encouraging myself to push on. Actually, I have to keep believing in myself! Lack of control is the worst for me, especially when you feel you’re in the hands of those for whom you have no respect. Baby steps.

    • Thank you for your honest words! The first step is being conscious of your situation, then making a plan/goal and then working towards it:) I am sure you can do it, you have taken the first step already:-) Never stop believing in yourself because you are the driving force in your life:-) Wish you all the best:-)

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