Doing nothing

Doing nothing

Some days are just meant for doing nothing at all. Just being. There is always something that needs to be done, and it is easy to feel guilty if you don’t do something productive. But even though you did, your To Do list would at best get a little bit shorter. Our chores never go away, but our health and wellbeing will if we don’t listen to our body and give ourself a break now and then.
It is difficult to find time for doing nothing, but I believe it is important. What about putting it on the top of your To Do list? Or making room for it in your calendar? You can call it mindfulness, or meditation or anti-stress or whatever other fancy word you can make up, but the message here is to give yourself time off from the stresses of everyday life. It is quite simple. You just need to do it:-)

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    • ah, yes, a week would be good….but maybe not very realistic:-) The picture is taken in Kjerag, Norway, it is apr an 1,5 h hike:-)

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