Just freshen up a bit…

Yes, ok, I’ll admit it. Some days I can be really grumpy. I try to give an impression of a more happy girl, but it is hard to live up to. I used to feel so much joy that I was constantly resteless, it was like being high all the time. But with two kids under three years, and a lot of work, there has been little room for doing the things I need in order to be happy. Like some time on my own, time to breath, reflect. Time to exercise, practice yoga, socialize be outdoors . And what about love life? Or time to actually find a matching outfit in the morning, or Even go shopping for a new one!?!? Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, I love my life! But I miss the freedom I had before, and I am a free soul. The good thing though is that there is so little investment that needs to be done in order to get there. What works for me is going out, for a walk or just playing with the kids. Half an hours walk is even enough! I feel so free when I am outdoors. It clears my head. All problems vanish.
I love fresh air. And so do the kids. I spent most of the day outside today, with the kids, practicing cross country skiing and playing. I feel free, happy, and sunburnt. I just freshened up a bit:-)



10 responses to “Just freshen up a bit…

  1. That looks like a lot of fun. I love cross-country skiing but haven’t been in a while because of the whole no time thing – even though we did get a ton of snow this winter.

    • ah, yes the no- time -thing…. It is not an excuse here in Norway, as all Norwegians are born with skis on their feet and will lose their citizenship if they don’t use their Easter holiday for skiing;-) Well, at least lose your status as good citizens:-)
      Anyway, just back from a week in the mountains. Saw your note on being jealous of my adventures. I have only one reply; The beauty lies in the eyes of the seer. It might be that I do not appreciate all the fun things I do because I have done so much?! I believe that it is not what you do but what it means to you that matters:-)

  2. Yeah, I get it. I also miss the freedom that I had before kids – used to be a real globe trotter, jumping on and off planes on a whim. Now, I can barely make it around the supermarket if I have the bring the kids (aged 4 and 6). I love them, I want to be a Mom, but I also want some freedom… it’s a hard balance.

    • ah, yes, it is really hard to find the balance. I’m still not there but working on it. Do you think you will start traveling with them too???

      • Sure, one day. I’m thinking maybe when the little one is 6 or so. He’s 4 now, so I think in 2 or 3 years, it’ll make sense. Do you travel with your kids now?

      • Not that much yet, a few trips around Europe each year. But I am really looking forward to going on more exiting trips, and taking them trekking in the mountains, camping and maybe other activities that I enjoy:-)

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