We all know it- there is no guarantee…

Wednesday last week, my one and only colleague did not show up for work. He did not answer his phone either. I knew something was wrong. News of a motorbike accident had been all over the news the night before, but I refused to see the connection. Until I got the phone call.

I look down at my almost 15 month old little girl running across the floor, picking up a small cup, running over to me in order for me to have a sip of her imaginative coffee. Looking at me with a ton of excitement, did Mommy like her drink? The small fingers eagerly take back the cup, and come back with an empty plate. This time we are eating something. So much love and gratitude fills me. The last weeks I have had this heavy stone in my stomach, the feeling of something that should not have happened. A fellow blogger lost her nearly 15 month old son Patrik to sudden infant death. http://theprogressiveparent-julie.tumblr.com


No parent should have to bury their child. But we know it happens all over the world, every day. This story touched me. And will continue to do so for a long time.

My colleague has survived his crash so far, although he is still in a critical phase. Little Patrik did not survive.

I used to be a professional base jumper. That means I leaped off mountains and other objects for a living. Going to this extreme made me appreciate my life every day.  I recognized just how lucky I was, and every morning when I woke with a big smile. Slowly stepping out of this world and into one filled with work, housework and taking care of small kids, I have stopped doing this. I am surrounded by the most precious little beings but still I do not appreciate here and now like I used to. Yes of course, I had more time to contemplate life before. But I do believe that the most important thing is that we humans need to be reminded. We need to get out of our little bubble to gain the perspective we need to be happy. To really realize just how good life is and how lucky we are to be here now. Because nobody can guarantee you that tomorrow will come. The only thing we have is now.


11 responses to “We all know it- there is no guarantee…

  1. This post made me think of my close friend who passed away a couple years ago. He likewise, was a son, we went away too young, and was an amazing soul. My last words to him was, ‘you better come out tonight!”
    I never saw him after that, and it’s those time we need to truly cherish. Because as you said, we never really do know what’s to come. I’m still popping the bubble daily, I live in a great place, and it gives me a ton of opportunities to do so. Keep leaping!

    • Thanks for your reply, I’m sorry to hear about your friend, but glad you do get the opportunity to pop out of the bubble:-) That’s what makes life worth it:-)

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    • Ah, yes, a bit crazy….. I did quit when I had my first child though, three years ago. And yes I did fly a wingsuit too:-) Quitting was easy, i don’t think it is worth taking the risk when I am a mother:-)

  3. A decade ago, I was in Madagascar for cliff jumping. It was a marvellous valley with a hadsome of very small villages. A local told me this story about an occidental who had been there before, painfully living with the lost of his one and only kid. The Malagasy told me his thought : “you white people have only one or two kids, and if one of them dye, it’s a complete disaster. We have loads of kids because we know half of them will dye before us. It’s just the way things go…”
    In their simple way of living, life is a gift and happiness is the constant feeling of existing.

    • Ah, I like your words; happiness is the constant feeling of existing:-)
      Cliff jumping?? Into the water? Wow! Yes there is some truth in the words of the local guy, but still I think I would grieve no matter how many children I had;-)

  4. Thank you for this. I always appreciate being able to learn from the lessons and experiences that somebody is willing to share, and now more than ever I need to remember to stay centered and really experience the moment.

    • Thanks for the comment:-) I am glad my words help you in maintaining this perspective. We all lose it of we don’t keep reminding ourselves.

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