The Mommy Monster?!?!?!

So what’s the deal? Why the heck are there so many women out there who get completely transformed after they have kids? Do they really think other people are interested in how many times the baby woke up last night and how many diapers they have changed the last 12 hours?

The strange thing is that this often happens to intelligent, well educated women with good jobs. At least as far as I have seen. Yes I do love my kids more than anything and I do talk about them. But I try not to overload friends with talk of all the latest developments, the baby rolled for the first time, held a spoon for the first time, made a laughing sound for the first time etc etc. Well if someone asks you how you are, you can justify a little baby talk, but these women often force all this baby information on innocent people without them having asked for it. I find this very rude. But the sad thing is that these normally socially intelligent women just loose all their perspective on themselves. I do hope they regain it at some point.

And what is this thing with extreme cleanliness?!?! Babies need dirt in order to build their immune system. Kids who grow up being exposed to animals are less prone to develop allergies. I was on the bus with my baby and my dog. A mother with her baby in a stroller came on board and I made room for her. I smiled as you often to to other mothers, and she asked me to kindly move my dog further away. Ah, yes of course, no problem, is your baby allergic to dogs? I asked. No she replied, I am afraid she will develop allergy! ??????? And what with the mother who doesn’t let the dog into her house because her kids play on the floor? Do they think they are doing their kids favor? My kids roll all over the dog and they are hardly ever sick.

Does anyone else have a fun story about some Mommy Monsters??????? I would love to hear:-)

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