Your life is your responsibility!

I was texting with a friend yesterday who told me that she had taken a year off the career carousel to study. Why? She wasn’t inspired any more and she realized that the only person who was responsible for that was herself. So she decided to take action and do something that motivated her. In my work I try to motivate people. We are all different, and one cannot come up with a solution that fits all. Neither can I tell people what to do in order to find inspiration in their lives. This is something one has do do by oneself. Your life is your responsibility. What I can do is to help turn the key in order to open the door.

I believe that a good way of finding inspiration is by going out of the comfort zone. To get perspective on life. One doesn’t have to go to extremes. A little challenge of some sort is often enough. Maybe starting a blog can be a challenge? It seems that some people are reluctant to change, to take that one step outside of their familiar way of doing things. But I believe that the rewards of doing so are great. By trying out new things, learning new skills and having  progression your self confidence will grow. If you master one thing, why shouldn’t you master the other?! Who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves? In our society so many suffer from low self esteem and depression, and so many have a screwed up view of themselves. Challenging yourself can be one step towards a better mental health!

Are you ready for a little challenge? Go out and do something that scares you today:-)Image

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